Thursday, September 09, 2004

Beware the written word! Steer clear of self-reflection!

This is the stupidest thing i've read in a while:

Keeping a diary is bad for your health, say UK psychologists. They found that regular diarists were more likely than non-diarists to suffer from headaches, sleeplessness, digestive problems and social awkwardness.

Their finding challenges assumptions that people find it easier to get over a traumatic event if they write about it.

“We expected diary keepers to have some benefit, or be the same, but they were the worst off,” says Elaine Duncan of the Glasgow Caledonian University. “In fact, you’re probably much better off if you don’t write anything at all,” she adds.

i shudder to think that some people are now saying, "i'd better stop writing in my journal - it's making me sick!" because of this. i can suggest one reason for their "findings" - maybe people who write in diaries regularly may have more things to work through, and that's why they're going to exhibit more health problems. an other explanation is that the scientist involved is a bloody hack.

sorry, i just find an article encouraging people to write less to be a little obscene.


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